Sing A Little Louder

We just received this short film called "Sing A Little Louder" from Kingdom Works

I have read the pamphlet before and was quite affected by it.  I couldn't understand how one could hear the screams for help from those trapped and not be able do everything they could to overtake that train and help. The helplessness of those church goers and the young boy. The haunting of that day that would stay with them for the rest of their lives.

It is also hard for us when we want to help someone who is considering abortion.  They too are usually feeling boxed into a train car that is moving along the tracks with the circumstances, pressures and fears as the cruel masters over their decision making process.  

Praise God that they have a place to run, a place to turn to that can help them to be free from the prison of their fear.  We have the opportunity to do something about the issue of abortion and to show God's grace and love to those who are considering it. 

We at Birth Choice of Temecula are that "Voice of Love" that "Voice to the Voiceless".   Each day we pray that women, men and children would be affected by our center, that lives would be saved and mothers hearts turned toward their children.

We have a long train track ahead of us.  We will continue to fight to free those entrapped in the boxcars of their minds and lives.  Pray about your involvement in the fight to end abortion and help those affected by unplanned pregnancy.  If not us, Who?  If not now, When?  Life is precious, sacred and needs to be protected.

Watch this short movie and pray about how God would have you respond.

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