There are a number of ways for you to engage with us.  Your support is the reason we are here to be a "A Voice of Love".  Involvement in any of the following areas is vital to our center and an amazing way to get on board to support our ministry.

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There are two ways to engage with this support.

  1. Host a BBB at your church, bible study, school, sports team, work place, corporate gathering etc.

  • We provide the bottles and the print materials.

  • You pick a beginning and end date.

  • You distribute the bottles on the start date then have them returned to you on the end date.

  • Bring the filled bottles to us and you are done.

Sign form below and submit to Birth Choice to host your own BBB.

     2. BBB Wednesday:

  • Pick up a Baby Bottle at our Temecula Center the 2nd Wednesday of the Month and return it the following month.

Call us today to learn more.



Our "Baby Boutique" is stocked because of generous donors who bring in new and used items to our center.  We serve around 1000 women and families each year and we are always needing donations.

The most common donations that we need.

  • Gently used clothing ages 0-2T

  • Diapers, sizes 0 - 6

  • Wipes

  • Formula (Enfamil)

  • Baby food/cereal

  • Baby Hygiene Items

  • Many other misc items that a momma would need.

If you contact us about hosting a shower, we have a needs list ready and waiting.  

We would also love to see your Baby Shower pictures or provide a speaker.


Call us today to learn more.

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Diaper Monday

Diaper Monday is the last Monday of every month.  Just bring your diaper and/or wipes donation to either center. Our most needed diaper donation is usually Sizes 3 - 6, but our needs do change.  

If you are interested in bringing in diapers or wipes, please contact us ahead of time to find out a needed size or bring what you have.  We are grateful for any donation of diapers and wipes as are our clients.

If you would like to bring diapers to our Hemel location please call first as we are undergoing some construction soon and will be closed for a small amount of time.

Hemet: (951) 766-6100

Temecula: (951) 296-3441



Call us today to learn more.