Planned Parenthood Selling of Fetal Parts

There is much that is disturbing about the current expose regarding the selling and/or profiting from the sale of aborted fetal "tissue" or as the video's describe it "parts".  This is heartbreaking on many levels and shows the continued callous nature of those traffic in abortion.

***Disclaimer*** The following videos may be disturbing to some viewers.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Center for Medical Progress Videos

The link to the video's posted on "The Center for Medical Progress" are very disturbing.  Some smaller clips that are taken from a much longer video give a glimpse into the conversation between an undercover journalist and high level personnel of Planned Parenthood. Many facts are sure to come to light as have attacks against this organization for its undercover expose.

It is times like these that show the moral degradation of our country and we must not let the opportunity to pray for those affected by abortion and the heartache that must be felt by many women being reminded of their own choice to abort and donate their child's fetal tissue. We must also remember that as Christians, Christ died for those Planned Parenthood workers as well, and we must be devoted to praying for their salvation.  We cannot stoop low and treat them as they treat the innocents, instead we must stand for what is right in a manner worthy of the gospel that we have received.  They must be stopped from being allowed to kill the most innocent of all God's creation but not at the expense of destroying the image of Christ that we are meant to represent. 

Abbey Johnson  (former PP Director) made a statement to the Washington Post regarding this situation that gives a good perspective.  

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This is a terrible situation and  our hearts break because of it.  We are glad that "The Center for Medical Progress" had the guts to step out and go undercover, but absolutely abhorred by what was uncovered.

Now is the time to partner with your local pregnancy resource center so that they have the funds available to reach out to their communities like never before. We must reach the lost and those wounded by this situation.  Pray today about what God would have you do.  

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